Henry 4.75 Gal. Blacktop Driveway Coating, 2 Year


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Henry 130 Driveway Asphalt Coating is recommended for sealcoating blacktop pavements such as home driveways. Offers DIY a simple, brush-applied sealcoat solution. (Not recommended for steeply pitched driveways on which the incline may combine with water or ice to create a slippery hazard). Stirs and applies easily and will not flake, peel, track, or crack. Coverage: Weathered or unsealed surfaces range from 200 to 500 sq ft per 5 gallon pail. Recently sealed and smooth, tightly compacted surfaces range from 400 to 500 sq ft per 5 gal pail. Coverage may vary according to surface age and porosity, climate conditions when applying, and method of application. Do not apply too thickly, on concrete, or asphalt surfaces less than 6 months old. 2 year limited warranty.

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