Woodford Freezeless Yard Hydrant


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W34 hydrants are intended for irrigation purposes and used for filling field spray equipment, cleaning tools and equipment, lawn and garden care,  watering livestock, f ire protection - immediate water flow even in sub-zero temperatures.


One Piece Variable Flow Plunger - Large cushion type seal for longer life - is not easily damaged and     assures shut-off even when foreign particles are  present. 

Maintenance & Repair - All repairs can be made from top of unit without removing hydrant from the ground.

Tamper Proof Lock - Can be locked in closed position by inserting padlock or bolt through hole in link.

Long Life Packing - Graphite packing for lubricity and long life.

Long Life Valve Seat - Special shape - large contact area - eliminates need for renewable nylon seat.


Female Inlet:  ¾″ NPT
Casing: 1″ Galvanized Steel Pipe
Operating Rod: ⅜″ Galvanized Steel Pipe
Drain Hole: Tapped - ⅛″ N.P.T.
Removable Nozzle: ¾″ Brass Male Hose Nozzle
Optional: At additional cost
1” brass pipe outer casing
3/8” brass pipe operating rod
1” hose nozzle (10007)

Maximum Working Pressure: 125 p.s.i.

Maximum Temperature: 120° F



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