Dektite Metal Roof Flashings Round Base (7-13" #8 - Red Silicone)


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    The original watertight flashing from metal roofs

    The original Dektite designed to seal both hot and cold flues and pipes on metal roofs. A strong watertight seal and a strong flexible base featuring a flexible aluminium band.

    Pipe External (inches) Pipe External Roof Pitch Black EPDM Gray EPDM Red Silicone Gray Silicone
    0-0.375" 0-35mm 0-45° DF100B DF100G    
    0.25-2.5" 5-60mm 0-40° DF101B DF101G DF201RE  
    1.75-3.25" 45-80mm 0-40° DF102B DF102G DF202RE  
    0.25-5" 5-127mm 0-40° DF103B DF103G DF203RE DF203G
    3-6.25" 75-160mm 0-40° DF104B DF104G DF204RE DF204G
    4.25-7.5" 108-190mm 0-40° DF105B DF105G DF205RE DF205G
    5-9" 125-230mm 0-40° DF106B DF106G DF206RE DF206G
    6-11" 150-280mm 0-40° DF107B DF107G DF207RE DF207G
    7-13" 175-330mm 0-40° DF108B DF108G DF208RE DF208G
    10-19" 254-483mm 0-40° DF109B DF109G DF209RE DF209G

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